Dubai 1 Private Tours are designed to specific experiences that are completely unique to the client, their personality or mission and budget. Our custom private itineraries allow you the intimacy of savouring extraordinary travel experience with your partner, family, friends, or your special affinity group. As a rule you get what you pay for and we are careful in watching that you are getting real value for money.

When you contact us you will speak directly with Barti Rajan(General Manager) who specialises in exclusive private tours and Barti Rajan will personally design the journey with you and your travel plans. After taking through your ideas and preferences we will be in a position to create a tour program that will encompass the very essence of your expectations. We won’t ask for any commitment from you until you are happy with the result. This is the way we do things, because we depend on referrals and we found that the best way to convince you of our value is to demonstrate it. Please contact us even if you are in the initial stages of planning. We will then propose and price a whole variety of options depending on your interest, your time of travel, and your budget. Once everything is booked the co-ordination does not stop and you can contact us anytime with clarifications/questions or general information request or suggestions that you may have.

Dubai 1 Private Tour Guide and Highly Personalised Services
Our Private Tours are Exclusive, you will be provided with a Super Guide with in-depth local knowledge and with individual attention, highly personalised services, flexible and with unbiased, accurate and interesting information. The Tours are conducted in chaffer driven new luxury cars and we would oblige to your last minute changes if any. Your Dubai 1 private tour guide will also show you the not so touristy side of Dubai and communicate well with you and would make you feel very comfortable. We want you to have a trip of a lifetime!

Many of our clients are referred by others who have traveled with us.
To find out more or request an itinerary or book a Dubai 1 Private Tour
Email or call your Dubai1 Exclusive contact – Barti Rajan below:
Email Barti :
Call Barti : +971 50 6593215

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